Why Laser engraving ?


Probably one of the most common methods of marking items in the industry was opened up to us ordinary mortals. True, not entirely, but for the application we provide here is perfect. About 4, 5 years we purchased one of the first in the region and began to provide laser engraving and cutting services as a complement to other activities with gift personalization. Laserski stroj za graviranje i izrezivanje So we can make your idea of a prototype in a relatively short period of time, cut out pieces of plexiglass, wood, plywood or similar material, we can laser engrave on items measuring 60 * 90 cm and 40 cm in height, … We can engrave round objects with a rotational supplement, meaning cups, bottles, vases, cups and similar products can be engraved on all sides

Original gift!

(.. and hamburgers are gift ?)

You probably have many times wanted to make an original gift and be remembered but you lacked only one thing – engraving! You have an idea, you have a product but you can not personalize? When you give ,an example, cheese, wine, honey, etc. it’s a food product to be spent …. but give it the same in a specially designed wooden box with laser engraved text, logo or emblem that becomes (remains?) souvenir to remind you constantly of the event on the occasion of which was obtained by gift. Here we are – your idea can always be realized, only for you to contact us.

Personalized clocks

Clock with photo

Žmaga,  long time ago

As with the laser, and there we were the first in this area about 10 years ago started making watches with digital printing (OK, initially with an inkjet printer + 8mm video camera, and later with a laser color printer + Digital camera) and it is very likely many of you made clock with a child at the Zagreb Fair (or were see) and on-site purchases a clock with a picture or ordered over the internet from uploaded images. As a continuation of that, so we started making full color calendar with children – adults as well as original Christmas gift. … and this activity is a continuation of one of our project (?)

Sat u obrnutom smjeru (CCW)

That was really brave ……

Ruka od mog kuma Krce drži prototip najnovijeg Ericssona,te davne godine, nešto kao GF788e
Hand from my godfather Krco holding latest prototype Ericsson, and prototype in that long-time-ago year, something like GF788e

15 years ago, get into something, web site producers clockworks were lists a fax number, no email, pictures … Make order from the factory mechanisms that go in the counter direction, make design models, design of … with nothing, just as idea that something that will interest people to buy (again on Zagreb Fair – at the Christmas Fair) and presents something original – Clock in the opposite direction … it was really good … Now after a few years when they( our clocks) are still sometimes see in what store, company … I thought, why not try again but now through